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Underlying our work is the desire to have a positive and lasting impact on people’s safety and their lives. To do this, we apply the following approaches:

  • Prioritizing homeowner-driven implementation
  • Shifting power to women
  • Viewing housing as a whole
  • Leveraging multiple channels for public awareness
Homeowner-driven housing

Power in the hands of the homeowner

Decision Equity, not Sweat Equity.

The most successful and sustainable housing programs are those which are driven by homeowners themselves.

Homeowners should make decisions about materials, architecture, locations of windows, doors, toilets. They should handle the cash and hire local labor.

Build Change promotes homeowner-driven, conditional cash plus technical assistance, a model now used in post-disaster and prevention contexts around the world.

Read more about the homeowner-driven model in:


Accelerating social progress and increasing safety for women

Housing is a Women’s Issue.

Women clients. Women partners. Women leaders. Women breaking barriers. Build Change is a women-led social innovator that champions women as stewards of their family’s safety.

From strengthening homes to creating space for home-based businesses, women thrive in disaster-resilient housing. Read their stories here:

A holistic solution

Saving lives and improving lives

Strengthen for Disaster while Improving Living Conditions.

At Build Change, we believe that resilient housing programs should take a holistic approach toward home improvement: one that recognizes the home as the ultimate protection for families and works to ensure it is a safe, healthy, and secure space, which can provide opportunities for growth.

Public education

Meeting people where they are

Knowledge is Power.

Build Change deploys a range of communication tools and tactics to reach everyone with the knowledge and links to ensure their home is safe, including:

  • Community meetings
  • Street theater
  • Meetings led by credible messengers
  • Apps and text messages
  • Media and social media
  • Posters, flyers, billboards, radio programs
  • Toll-free help lines
  • Technical assistance centers and “Resilience Beacons”

Support resilient housing worldwide

Join us in preventing housing loss caused by disasters and climate-induced events.

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