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Build Change recognizes that the right engineering and construction technology must be locally available, widely known, and cost-competitive.  Digital technology can be leveraged to create huge efficiencies, to support with scaling resilient housing and schools.

Read more below to find out how we can help you drive the supply of and demand for resilient housing and schools through three key technical pathways:

  • Digital tools for scale
  • Improving codes, design, & construction
  • Capacity building, workforce development and job creation

The Build Change technical assistance platform, BCtap, is an end-to-end solution that pairs technology with subject matter expertise to take resilient housing programs to scale.



The simple Digital Home Strengthening Tool in BCtap can be applied to efficiently scale access to financing and technical assistance for incremental improvements in housing resilience.

ISAC-SIMO, your Intelligent Supervision Assistant for Construction, packs important construction quality assurance checks into a convenient mobile app.

The tool harnesses the power of machine learning and image processing to provide feedback on specific construction elements such as masonry walls and reinforced concrete columns.

ISAC-SIMO is open source.

Engineering, Design & Construction

Pioneering safer housing through better design & construction

Build Change is home to some of the world’s foremost authorities on seismic and disaster-resilient engineering. Our team excels at providing engineering and capacity-building excellence in the assessment, design, construction, and retrofitting of low-rise buildings in challenging post-disaster and vulnerable environments. Core to our success is a history of championing women to thrive as leaders of reconstruction and as engineers within our organization.

Training, Creating Jobs and Workforce Development

Capacity building for sustainable change

Anyone can learn the fundamentals of disaster-resistant building construction. Engineers, builders, government officials, homeowners, vocational students, and building materials producers have all been participants in training on the design and construction principles of safe buildings. By reaching all of the various people involved, we ensure that structures are built to be safer. Training improves local knowledge and skills for building safer homes and schools in accordance with government standards and generally accepted principles of disaster-resistant construction.

Key to the technology category of our theory of change is workforce development and job creation. We prioritize training local builders and materials suppliers to deliver code-compliant construction according to the requirements of each program. To enable a larger portion of the workforce to meet qualifications, we provide opportunities for construction worker capacity building. Through partnerships with public and private programs and schools to provide training, licensing, and certification, we promote and encourage these learning opportunities.

Support resilient housing worldwide

Join us in preventing housing loss caused by disasters and climate-induced events.

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