My name is Walter Cano, and I am a Project Engineer with Build Change in Bogotá, Colombia.

I like being an Engineer because it is a profession that works to resolve many problems in the world. Issues with housing, services, and roads are can all be solved with the use of engineering. It also challenges my knowledge and imagination. Engineering is a broad field, and there are many areas that overlap with other areas. I particularly like working with interdisciplinary projects.

I have worked in housing, infrastructure, and the oil and gas industry, all of which all of which helped me understand concepts of civil engineering. Now, with Build Change, I can apply that knowledge to seismic risks in informal housing and work towards the well-being of my community.

When I was a student, I wanted to learn a lot about civil works, equipment and construction procedures. Throughout my career, I’ve found many other aspects of the field very interesting, including Structural Analysis, Seismic Design and Construction Management. To all the engineering students out there, I want to emphasize how interesting it is to utilize your knowledge, techniques, and imagination to solve mankind’s problems.