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Fast Company
“After Haiti’s last earthquake, aid organizations struggled to help rebuild. Can they do better now?”
August 26, 2021. Dr. Elizabeth Hausler discusses how people, money and technology can be mobilized to prevent future housing loss in Haiti, and how retrofitting programs blazed the path for housing resilience following the 2010 earthquakes.

The Wall Street Journal
“Quake-Hit Haiti Failed to Learn Building Lessons After 2010 Disaster.”
August 19, 2021. Lizzie Collins makes the case for prevention funding in Haiti and discusses retrofitting technology.

“We all need a safe home. Here’s why we must build better”
August 19, 2021. Dr. Elizabeth Hausler advocates to COP26 leaders and negotiators to prioritize housing on the climate change agenda with impact stories from Build Change’s community of homeowners worldwide.
“Lynelle Cameron, the Conscience of Autodesk”
August 11, 2021. Autodesk’s VP of Sustainability, Lynelle Cameron, discusses how the Autodesk Foundation partners with Build Change in Nepal to prevent housing loss due to disasters.

Business Insider
“Today’s scientists and technologists have the skills to shape the future. But without support from those that employ them, change isn’t possible.”
August 4, 2021. Build Change participated in IBM’s Call for Code, using open source solutions to improve housing technology.

Dell Technologies
“Restructuring the approach to disaster recovery with complex algorithms”
July 19, 2021. Learn about how Build Change uses artificial intelligence to improve housing more effectively and efficiently.

“COP26 must ensure better, safer and more equitable housing”
July 1, 2021. Dr Elizabeth Hausler has explains why everyone, from state to non-state actors, must drive the demand for resilient housing.

Call for Code Digest
“Meet Lakshyana K.C. from Build Change, bringing new skills to solve societal problems”
June 23, 2021. On this International Women in Engineering Day, learn about Lakshyana’s experience propelling a Call for Code team to new heights.

“Artificial intelligence is used to inspect construction in the aftermath of earthquakes”
June 14, 2021. ISAC-SIMO a new open source machine learning tool has been developed to help ensure build quality in emerging countries.

Smart Cities World
“AI used to examine construction following earthquakes”
June 14, 2021. An open source project hosted by the Linux Foundation with support from IBM and Call for Code will use machine learning to help inform quality assurance for construction in emerging nations.

Digital Construction
“Digital tools key to ensuring housebuilder quality”
June 13, 2021. The Linux Foundation, the non-profit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, will host the Digital AI Construction project (ISAC-SIMO), which was created by Build Change with a grant from IBM as part of the Call for Code initiative.

The Next Web News
“AI-powered construction supervisor app ensures buildings are earthquake safe”
June 10, 2021. Build Change, a foundation dedicated to preventing housing loss caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and windstorms, is announcing the “Intelligence Supervision Assistant for Construction” (ISAC-SIMO) app.

USA News Hub
“AI-powered construction supervisor app ensures buildings are earthquake safe”
June 10, 2021. Build Change, a foundation dedicated to preventing housing loss caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and windstorms, is announcing the “Intelligence Supervision Assistant for Construction” (ISAC-SIMO) app.

Company News HQ
“Call for Code app uses AI to make homes safer and more resilient”
June 10, 2021. With the support of IBM, Build Change has created a new open-source artificial intelligence tool called ISAC-SIMO that extends PD3R technology to help builders, local officials, and homeowners assess the construction quality of newly built or retrofitted homes.

The Linux Foundation
“New Open Source Project Uses Machine Learning to Inform Quality Assurance for Construction in Emerging Nations”
June 10, 2021. Linux Foundation with support from IBM and Call for Code hosts ‘Intelligent Supervision Assistant for Construction’ project from Build Change to help builders identify structural issues in masonry walls or concrete columns, especially in areas affected by disasters.

IBM | IBM Developer
“Call for Code app uses AI to make homes safer and more resilient”
June 10, 2021. Build Change deploys machine learning solution to evaluate construction quality called ISAC-SIMO.

UNDRR Commitments
“Build Change Prevents Housing Loss Caused By Disasters”
June 8, 2021.Build Chage has made commitments on UNDRR Commitments to prevents housing loss ccaused by disasters.

“Financial assessment of incremental seismic retrofitting of Nepali stone-masonry buildings”
May 6, 2021. A journal from our Organization’s team with Build Change, National Society for Earthquake Technology(Nepal) and Department of Civil Engineering(University of Bristol) has been published on the Siencce Direct where Cost Benefit Analysis of Nepali stone-masonry buildings has been explained .

Structural Engineer Blog (Simpson Strong-Tie) 
“Build Change: My Favorite Child” 
November 10, 2020. Some places leave a permanent impact on our hearts, and we are never the same. For Tim Hart, Nepal and Indonesia are two such places.

The Bastion-Development in Depth 
“Building Climate Change Resilient Infrastructure for an Uncertain Tomorrow” 
October 13, 2020. How can communities build better before and become more resilient to disasters and climate change impacts?  This article describes Build Change’s use of AI in Nepal as one example of how communities can rebuild stronger post-disaster.

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras 
“Viviendas resilientes: la mejor manera de prevenir daños ante desastres naturales”  
October 8, 2020. El Director de Programas para Latinoamérica y el Caribe Juan Caballero realizó una ponencia sobre el diseño y reforzamiento de edificaciones ante riesgos y desastres para la Semana de Arquitectura 2020.

MOFO Pro-Bono
“Meet the Innovative MOFO Clients that are Working To Improve Living Conditions for Displaced Individuals”  
September 16, 2020.  Morrison Foerster has advised Build Change on a pro-bono basis since 2009 as the organization has continued to expand internationally.

Structural Engineer Blog (Simpson Strong-Tie) 
“Pandemics, Earthquakes and Windstorms: Some Thoughts on the Probability of a Compound Disaster” 
August 4, 2020. Hurricane and typhoon season adds another layer of complexity to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In this blog, Tim Hart, the 2020 Simpson Strong-Tie Excellence in Engineering Fellow, discusses the complex risks communities worldwide face, and the role that safe housing plays in fighting all types of disasters.

“PMI dan Palang Merah Amerika Bangun Rumah Tahan Gempa”
July 29, 2020.  Build Change is doing resilient building training with the American Red Cross and the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) in Sukabumi, West Java.

Medium (Authority Magazine)
“Erin Bradner of Autodesk:  Why as a society, we need to rethink our concepts of intelligence, competence, power, equity and opportunity”
July 24, 2020.  Dr. Erin Bradner is the Director of the Autodesk Robotics Lab and a Build Change Board Member.  In this article, Erin discusses what is exciting about her work, women in STEM, and of course, Build Change.

Redshift by Autodesk
“4 Tips to Administer PPP Funds and Relieve Fears about Loan Forgiveness”
May 28,2020.
  Build Change’s Controller Diane Datteri offers tips for other organizations on how to properly administer PPP funds.

Autodesk University
“Scaling Up BIM for Resilience: Automated Designs to Retrofit Informal Housing”
May 4,2020.
  A walk through of the process that Build Change uses with Revit and Dynamo to automatic retrofit designs.

“To Turn A Corner, Trust Social Entrepreneurs”
April 28,2020.  
In many countries, social entrepreneurs (like Elizabeth Hausler and Build Change) are the de-facto social safety net, and now is the time their contributions are needed more than ever.

“Build Change: Rethinking Housing After the Crisis”
April 23,2020. 
Dr. Elizabeth Hausler is interviewed by Ashoka on how the COVID-19 crisis makes the need for safe housing all the more evident at a moment when up to 1/3 of the world’s population is in quarantine.

Structural Engineer Blog (Simpson Strong-Tie)
“Build Change: Seismic Safety in the Age of COVID-19”
April 8, 2020. 
Tim Hart, the 2020 Simpson Strong-Tie Excellence in Engineering Fellow, was in Manila at the time the COVID-19 quarantine went into effect.  Here are his observations from his time on the ground in the Philippines.

Construction Junkie Blog
“4 Construction Humanitarian Companies Helping People Through Building”
April 7, 2020.
Shane Hedmond shines a spotlight on some of the top humanitarian organizations (including Build Change!) using construction to make a difference.

Autodesk University-Online Learning
“Scaling Up BIM for Resilience: Automated Designs to Retrofit Informal Housing”
March 18, 2020. 
Learn from Noll Tufani and Nicolas Ortiz Abello of Build Change as they walk you through Build Change’s approach to automated design for resilient building in countries like Nepal.  A session from the 2019 Autodesk University-Las Vegas.

Engineering for Change Blog
“5 Questions for Dr. Elizabeth Hausler, Founder of Build Change”
March 12, 2020. 
The Engineering for Change blog catches up with Dr. Elizabeth Hausler about the ways in which Build Change has disrupted the reconstruction industry, in favor of more sustainable and culturally appropriate designs.

Fulcrum Blog
Fulcrum Community Highlight-Build Change
February 25, 2020.
Through a new partnership with Spatial Networks, Build Change will utilize the Fulcrum platform to support the “Casa Digna, Vida Digna” program in ColombiaBuild Change is proud to be #FulcrumReady!

Understanding Risk Centroamérica Highlight Video
“Video Resumen de UR Centroamérica”
February 17, 2020.
Build Change’s Programs and Partnerships Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Juan Caballero, spoke at the inaugural Understanding Risk in Costa Rica February 12-14, 2020. His session is spotlighted at the :57 mark.

“Full Frame: Sustainable Building with Build Change CEO Elizabeth Hausler”
February 8, 2020. 
Natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes and floods are unavoidable. But deaths from them can be prevented. One way is through constructing more resilient buildings. Dr. Elizabeth Hausler talks with CGTV host Mike Walter about Build Change’s previous post-disaster work in China, as well as more recent prevention work in countries like Colombia and Guatemala.

RMS Blog
“Haiti Earthquake: Ten Years On”
January 16, 2020.  
This blog explores Haiti’s slow recovery from the devastating 2010 earthquake, as well as some of the reasons why that recovery has been so challenging.  A bright spot is Build Change’s work with homeowners, the government, local construction professionals, materials providers, and many others to build back better.

Engineering for
“Nominations are Open for Mortenson’s Awards for the New Global Engineers”
January 15, 2020. 
The CU Boulder Mortenson Center for Global Engineering is pioneering a new vision for engineering for global development, and awarding professionals and students that represent its ethos. Last year, Dr. Elizabeth Hausler was awarded the inaugural “Global Engineering Outstanding Professional” award.

RMS Blog
“RMS Impact Trek 2020: Share Your Expertise and Make a Difference”
January 6, 2020.  
Recruitment is open now through January 17th for RMS staff and RMS clients that would like to participate in the 2020 Impact Trek to Bogota, Colombia.

Retrofit Magazine
“Tim Hart Receives 2019-2020 Excellence in Engineering Fellowship”
December 27, 2019. 
This is the third year of the Fellowship, resulting from the continuation of a partnership between international nonprofit social enterprise Build Change and global structural solutions leader Simpson Strong-Tie.

Building Enclosure
“Simpson Strong-Tie, Build Change Renew Joint Fellowship”
December 18, 2019.  
Tim Hart will lend his 30 years of structural engineering and construction experience to the fellowship role.

Contractor Supply
“Build Change and Simpson Strong-Tie announce 2019-2020 Excellence in Engineering Fellow”
December 18, 2019. 
International nonprofit Build Change and global structural solutions leader Simpson Strong-Tie renew joint Fellowship for Engineering Excellence and introduce 2019–2020 recipient.

Strong-Tie Newsroom
“Build Change and Simpson Strong-Tie Announce New 2019-2020 Excellence in Engineering Fellow”
December 18, 2019. 
Build Change and Simpson Strong-Tie are excited to introduce the recipient of the 2019–2020 Excellence in Engineering Fellowship: Tim Hart.

Autodesk Construction Cloud
“40 Under 40: Construction Champions of 2019”
December 17, 2019.  
Build Change’s own Nicolas Ortiz Abello was named to Autodesk Construction Cloud’s “40 Under 40” list for 2019.

El Espectador
“Una Tecnologia para Reforzar las Casas de Familias Vulnerables en Colombia”
November 25, 2019.
La Doctora Elizabeth Hausler da una plenaria en la conferencia Autodesk University sobre el trabajo de Build Change en Colombia y alrededor del Mundo.

Autodesk News
“General Session Keynote Highlights”
November 19, 2019. 
Build Change is listed in the highlights for Day 1 of Autodesk University.

Autodesk University
“Build Change Saves Lives”
November 19, 2019. 
Autodesk, Inc. caught up with Dr. Elizabeth Hausler following her AU keynote to talk further about Build Change’s mission of saving lives through resilient housing.

Autodesk University
“Resilient Housing: Build Change’s Opportunity for Better”
November 19, 2019. 
Dr. Elizabeth Hausler delivers the opening keynote for Autodesk University 2019 in Las Vegas alongside Andrew Anagnost, President and CEO of Autodesk, Inc. and Asa Kalama, Executive Creative Director at Walt Disney Imagineering.

Autodesk News
“The Opportunity for Better Starts at Autodesk University 2019”
November 18, 2019.  
Autodesk, Inc. announces Dr. Elizabeth Hausler’s keynote at Autodesk University as well as Build Change as the recipient of the AU Las Vegas 2019 Donation Drive. 

Structural Engineering Blog
“The Simpson Strong-Tie Excellence in Engineering Fellowship: A Grateful Adventure”
November 20, 2019. 
Juan Carlos Restrepo reflects on his experience working in Colombia and the Philippines as the 2018-2019 Fellow.

PBS NewsHour
“How Cities are Rebuilding to be More Resilient to Natural Disasters”
October 28, 2019. 
Dr. Elizabeth Hausler discusses how retrofitting is a cost-effective strategy which can help cities become more resilient at a lower cost than building from new.

Autodesk Foundation
“Our Impact”
October 22, 2019. 
Build Change is profiled in the Autodesk Foundation’s celebratory publication showcasing their five years of impact.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
“How a Nonprofit is Helping People Construct Buildings to Resist Natural Disasters” (podcast)
October 18, 2019. 
A conversation on resilient building between Dr. Elizabeth Hausler and Denver Frederick, host of “The Business of Giving”.  

Autodesk, Inc.
“AEC Excellence Awards 2019 Finalists”
October 15, 2019.  
Build Change was named a finalist for the AEC Excellence Awards in the categories of Innovator of the Year (Dr. Elizabeth Hausler) and Building Design (under $20 million).

The Manila Times
“Czech Republic completes assistance for Typhoon Ompong victims”
October 14, 2019. 
Czech Republic Humanitarian Aid concluded a successful project with Build Change and its nonprofit partners on September 30 to improve the local capacity of shelter response programs following Typhoon Ompong.

Philippine News Agency
“4k ‘Ompong’ victims benefit from Czech Republic’s project”
October 11, 2019. 
Czech Republic, through its embassy in Manila, announced the conclusion of its PHP7.7 million aid project with Build Change to improve the local capacity of shelter response programs in the Philippines in the aftermath of the 2018 Typhoon Mangkhut (Ompong).

Philippines Graphic
“Czech Republic Assistance to PHL Communities after Typhoon Mangkhut (Ompong) comes to a successful close”
October 1o, 2019. 
On September 30, the Czech Republic Humanitarian Aid concluded a successful project with Build Change and its nonprofit partners to improve the local capacity of shelter response programs following Typhoon Mangkhut (Ompong).

“Notes to Myself as a Girl: Female CEOs Tell Girls What they Need to Hear Most”
October 1o, 2019. 
Dr. Elizabeth Hausler (Founder & CEO of Build Change) and her sister, Kristin Carrington, (Founder & CEO of Carrington Risk) share their advice for today’s girls as a part of the celebration of International Day of the Girl.  (Article and image gallery)

Freethink Media
“How to End Earthquake Deaths”
August 9, 2019.
Dr. Elizabeth Hausler outlines the technology, money and people/ political will strategies deployed by Build Change around the world in pursuit of our mission: to end deaths in hurricanes and windstorms.

IBM Call for Code
“Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge Eminent Judges”
August 6, 2019.
Dr. Elizabeth Hausler was announced as an eminent judge of the 2019 IBM Call for Code Global Challenge alongside Former President Bill Clinton and numerous other CEOs, nonprofit leaders, and technology innovators.

Structural Engineering Blog
“The Role of Microfinance Institutions in Build Change’s Retrofitting Strategy”
July 29, 2019. 
Upon his arrival in the Philippines, Juan Carlos Restrepo is introduced to the important role that micro-finance institutions play in making retrofitting affordable for families. 

Prevention Web
“Colombia: Spread the word on building resilience for vulnerable communities”
July 15, 2019. 
RMS and Build Change were recognized with the Risk and Resilience Award at the British Insurance Awards following several years of partnering together in Colombia.

RMS Blog
“Spread the word on building resilience for vulnerable communities”
July 15, 2019. 
Ben Brookes, the Managing Director of Capital and Resilience Solutions at RMS, shares the background on RMS’ work in partnership with Build Change in Colombia that was honored at the British Insurance Awards.

The Denver Post
“Don’t Let Disaster Philanthropy Become A Philanthropic Disaster”
July 14, 2019. 
Bruce DeBoskey writes about how to make an effective aid contribution in the wake of a disaster to ensure the gift does not go to waste.

ARCE Magazine
“Making A Difference”
June 30, 2019. 
Dr. James Mwangi’s work with Build Change as a Simpson Strong-Tie Fellow for Engineering Excellence is profiled in the Summer edition of ARCE, the magazine of the Cal Poly College of Architecture and Environmental Design.

RMS Blog
“Impact Trek: Living (and Thriving) in Areas Exposed to Multiple Perils”
June 4, 2019. 
Simon Athawes, a Product Manager in the Model Product Management group, reflects on his impressions of the community of Pembo in Metro Manila (Philippines) as a part of the Impact Trek 2019.   

Prevention Web
“Disaster Resiliency in Housing in the Philippines: A Market Study of Residential Retrofit Financing”
June 2, 2019. 
Build Change’s study on the market for retrofit financing in the Philippines.  

RMS Blog
“Impact Trek: How to Make Millions of Homes More Resilient”
May 31, 2019. 
Theresa Lederer, a consultant in the RMS Capital and Resilience Solutions group, shares her thoughts on the 2019 Impact Trek to the Philippines 

JTI Foundation Sustainability Report
“Building Sustainability Through Resilience and Relief”
May 24, 2019.  
The JTI Foundation profiles its work with Build Change to improve housing in informal settlement communities in Manila, Philippines.

Global Shelter Cluster
“Case Study- Philippines 2016-2018/ Typhoon Haiyan”
May 23, 2019. 
Build Change’s post-typhoon work in the Philippines was profiled in the Global Shelter Cluster’s annual case study book for 2019.

Berkeley Engineering
Commencement Address
May 21, 2019.
Dr. Elizabeth Hausler delivered the commencement address for the 2019 Master’s and Ph.D. graduates of the University of California, Berkeley College of Engineering.

Understanding Risk Blog
“Understanding and Engaging the Informal Sector for Resilient Housing Across the Caribbean”
May 17, 2019. 
In this blog for the Understanding Risk- Caribbean conference, Dr. Elizabeth Hausler and her co-authors describe how lessons from Jamaica can improve resilience throughout the region.

AM Best
“Resiliency Panel: Smarter, Stronger Housing Can Lessen Disaster Impact”
May 15, 2019.
Emma Watkins of Lloyd’s, Chesley Williams of RMS, Doris Azarcon of SCOR and Michelle Nicholson of Build Change discuss how impact treks can be used to improve the disaster resiliency of countries like the Philippines.

AM Best
“Better Housing Would Alleviate Impact of Disasters”
May 14, 2019.   
Al Norris, Build Change’s Risk and Resilience Program Manager in Nepal, discusses how retrofitting existing or earthquake-damaged homes protects families from future disasters.

American Red Cross
“Nepal Earthquake: 4 Years On”
April 23, 2019.   
The American Red Cross continues to work in Nepal to help families recover from the 2015 earthquake, with technical support from Build Change.

Kathmandu Post
“Better Tools for Seismic Detection”
April 19, 2019.   
This op-ed in the Kathmandu Post makes the case for increased use of AI and apps, such as those used by Build Change, to make a more disaster-resilient Nepal.

The World Bank
“There’s No Place Like Home!” Podcast
April 18, 2019.   
The World Bank launched a new podcast series as a part of the Global Program for Resilient Housing featuring Dr. Elizabeth Hausler, among other speakers.

Structural Engineering Blog
“Build Change: Easier, Never Simple”
April 17, 2019.   
Juan Carlos Restrepo, the 2018-2019 Simpson Strong-Tie Fellow for Engineering Excellence, describes his experience so far with Build Change.

Skoll Foundation/ Skoll World Forum
“Skoll World Forum Highlights 2019”
April 12, 2019.
Dr. Elizabeth Hausler appears in this summary of the 2019 Skoll World Forum, where she presented on the topic of AI for Good

Thomson Reuters Foundation News
“Tracking Goats and Bleach, Artificial Intelligence Helps out in Crises”
April 11, 2019. 
Among many other applications, artificial intelligence can be used to help people rebuild more quickly following earthquakes, said Dr. Elizabeth Hausler.

“Getting to the Root of the Problem- AI for Good”
April 11, 2019. 
This article in Medium explores the question of whether AI is inherently good or bad, with Dr. Elizabeth Hausler providing the international development perspective.

Skoll Foundation
“Resilient Shelter for a Changing Climate”
April 11, 2019. 
In an interview with Emily Kasriel of the BBC on Facebook Live, Dr. Elizabeth Hausler describes how homes can be retrofitted to make them more resistant to earthquakes and windstorms.

Skoll Foundation
“Skoll Panel on AI and Human Rights”
April 10, 2019.  
This panel at the Skoll World Forum involved innovators from a variety of fields (including Dr. Elizabeth Hausler of Build Change) who are exploring how to use AI to solve social problems, rather than add to them.

Asian Development Bank
“Impactful Resilience Building in Communities”
March 21, 2019.  
The 2019 RMS Impact Trek to the Philippines produced a final presentation which was shared at an Asian Development Bank Knowledge Event.

RMS Blog
“Impact Trek 2019: Destination Philippines”
March 18, 2019.
This post on the RMS blog from trekker James Cosgrove reveals why the Philippines, the world’s third-most disaster prone country, was chosen as the site of this year’s trek.

RMS Blog
“Exposure Trending”
March 17, 2019.
Trekker Daniel Stander describes a snapshot of Manila, Philippines, and the role that resilience finance can play in protecting lives and property from future disasters.

RMS Blog
“Meet the RMS Impact Trekkers”
March 15, 2019.
Profiles of five of the RMS staff that participated in the 2019 Impact Trek.

RMS Blog
“Meet the Trekkers”
March 11, 2019.
Profiles of staff from Lloyd’s of London, Chaucer, and SCOR who participated in the 2019 Impact Trek.

“UN Observance of International Women’s Day 2019- Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change”
March 8, 2019.
Dr. Elizabeth Hausler participated on a panel with Lorraine Twohill, Chief Marketing Officer, Google and Kiara Nirghin, Student, Scientist and Innovator.

Simpson Strong-Tie
“Saving Lives Through Partnership”
February 7, 2019.
Lizzie Blaisdell Collins and representatives from Simpson Strong-Tie explain how the Fellowship for Engineering Excellence helps to ensure the quality of Build Change’s housing retrofits worldwide.

TED Talk
“TED Talk: How To Build Safer Housing After a Disaster”
February 6, 2019. 
With 3 billion people projected to live in substandard housing by 2030, Dr. Elizabeth Hausler declares it’s time for a housing revolution.

“Designing for Risk in Innovation”
January 9, 2019. 
This article describe Build Change’s approach to establishing demand for housing retrofit financing in the Philippines.

Structure Magazine
“Improving School Buildings In Indonesia”
January 1, 2019. 
Structure Magazine featured this article on how Build Change has protected students in Indonesia by retrofitting informally-built school buildings.

Press Releases

August 31, 2023. Colombian Government Adopts AIS 410 into Building Code to Accelerate Resilient Housing Improvements.

October 4, 2021, Build Change launches The Build Change Guide to Resilient Housing: An Essential Handbook for Governments and Practitioners

April 7, 2021, Colombian Government to Negotiate $100 Million Loan for Resilient Housing

December 19, 2019, Build Change and Simpson Strong-Tie Announce New Excellence in Engineering Fellow

May 30, 2019, Co-Founder of Archipelago Analytics and RMS Hemant Shah and Director of Autodesk Inc.’s Robotics Lab Dr. Erin Bradner Join Build Change Board of Directors

November 8, 2018, Second Build Change-Simpson Strong-Tie Engineering Excellence Fellowship Begins

October 25, 2018, Build Change Team Wins Second in IBM’s Global Tech Challenge on Disaster Resilience

September 26th, 2018, Build Change and the World Bank Announce New Global Resilient Housing Program

September 25th, 2018, Build Change CEO to Address Government Partnerships during UN General Assembly Week

May 2017. Build Change and Simpson-Strong Tie Announce Fellowship for Engineering Excellence

December 2016. Build Change Announces Aceh Earthquake Recovery Project.

November 2016. Build Change Showcases Drone Mapping Project for Reconstruction in Nepal at Autodesk University.

October 2016. Build Change Partners with Lloyd’s Charitable Trust on Disaster Prevention in Colombia and the Philippines.

April 2016. Build Change Expands Its Board of Directors

June 2015. Build Change Honored with Selection as Member of Sustainia100

September 24, 2014. Build Change Announces Strategic 10 in 10 Initiative

August 21, 2013. Build Change Selected as a Semi-Finalist for the 2013 Buckminster Fuller Challenge.

April 23, 2013. Build Change offers a sustainable solution to reduce disaster.

January 14, 2013. Build Change Completes Permanent Housing for 97 Families in Haiti With Partner J/P HRO.

December 6, 2012. Build Change Primer on Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction Approved by USAID.

November 13, 2012. Build Change Seeks Support as It Prepares to Help Earthquake Survivors Rebuild in Myanmar.

June 6, 2012. Build Change announced as finalist for prestigious World Habitat Awards.

September 2011. Build Change Commits to Improving Concrete Block-Making Skills in Haiti in Collaboration with Save the Children and Haitian Ministry of Public Works

September 2011. Build Change Announces Commitment to Training Vocational Teachers in Indonesia at 2011 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

August 30, 2011. Dr. Hausler is awarded the 2011 US Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Schwab Foundation.

May 10, 2011. Dr. Hausler is awarded the 2011 $100,000 Lemelson-MIT Sustainability Award in recognition of the Build Change model.

July 2009. Square and Circle Club Awards Grant to Build Change for Sichuan Earthquake Rebuilding.

April 22, 2009. Build Change Expands Homeowner Training and Construction Supervision in Sichuan, China. At the request of the Tumen party secretary, Build Change is scaling up to train homeowners and supervise construction throughout Tumen Township in earthquake-hit Mianzhu.

September 2008. Build Change Named 2008 Tech Awards Laureate by the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation. Read the press release.

March 2006. Draper Richards Foundation awards a 3-Year Grant to Build Change. Read the press release.

May 2004. Echoing Green announces 2004 Fellowship. See the press release.


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March 2013 International Women’s Day: Celebrate Women in Construction

March 2013 Celebrate Women in Construction! International Women’s Day is March 8, 2013. Learn about how Build Change is focusing on the vital role women play in the construction industry to celebrate this day. Click here to read the flyer in Bahasa.

January 2013 Build Change Completes Permanent Housing for 97 Families in Haiti With Partner J/P HRO

January 2013 Build Change Indonesia Newsletter. Learn about Build Change’s recent projects and activities in Indonesia, including the Grand Opening of our new office in Bandung.

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October 2012 International Day for Disaster Reduction

June 2012 Build Change Announced as 2012 Finalist for World Habitat Awards

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September 2011 2011 Clinton Global Initiative Commitment Haiti Press Release

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