Climate resilient housing can and must be accessible to everyone, but it’s only possible through systems change in the housing sector. Policymakers and the private sector must prioritize housing in climate ambitions, and COP26 is a critical moment to commit to change.

— Elizabeth Hausler, Founder and CEO of Build Change

Climate change is exacerbating the impact of disasters, which are becoming more frequent and more severe. Build Change and its associated Resilient Housing initiative are pioneering a movement to minimize loss and damage in the housing sector caused by climate change, and to spur governments, investors and philanthropists to advance policy and investment towards adapting houses towards a climate resilient future. Learn more about our resilient housing work.

Build Change’s newly released Make Your House Climate Resilient Game invites both longstanding housing advocates and newcomers to explore how the impacts of climate change and disasters impact housing and settlements all over the world, and learn about ways to both protect themselves and improve their own house’s resilience.

How can policy and investment in housing increase climate resilience? Find out more about the actions we’re advocating for in the Paris Agreement.

Build Change at COP26

Learn about climate resilience, climate change and adaptation in an innovative and engaging way through this COP26 Action Hub event hosted by Build Change.

The Marrakesh Partnership and Race to Resilience show what adaptation and resilience mean in practice for different sectors in this COP26 session.

Discover how mayors and regional leaders are overcoming barriers of people, money, and technology to create climate-resilient housing for all in this Build Change-moderated COP26 Resilience Hub talk.

Let’s Elevate Housing on the Climate Change Agenda

Government leaders, grassroots housing advocates, homeowners, and builders all agree: together, we can impact climate change, but the time to act is now. In 2020, Build Change launched its campaign engaging public and private sector leaders on how we can prioritize housing resilience on the climate change agenda. Hear voices from our partners and join our Resilient Housing Initiative.

Join the Resilient Housing Initiative

Race to Resilience

The Resilient Housing Initiative within the Race to Resilience is a collaboration of governments, banks, philanthropists, and tech solutions standardizing access to resilient, climate-smart housing worldwide. With three billion people projected to live in vulnerable housing by 2030, the time to act is now if we are to protect families, communities, and livelihoods.

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