At Build Change we place the major barriers to adoption into three categories: People, Money, and Technology. The high level of interdependence between them makes it necessary to take a holistic approach that considers all three, to successfully design policies, programs, or products to overcome gaps and challenges in any one area.

Build Change supports governments to identify where policy change can enable home improvement with risk reduction at scale, and to develop incentives for homeowners and the private sector to invest in resilient housing. By working to simultaneously overcome barriers of People, Money, and Technology, we are working to transform housing systems in the long term.

View the Build Change Guide to Resilient Housing for a full description of the different considerations and challenges contained within each category, with recommendations for how to overcome them. While the specifics will vary between countries or cities, and from one disaster to the next, the principles are universal.The Build Change Theory of Change outlines the intersection of people, money and technology to create resilient housing.