The Cost of Improving Vulnerable Housing

Recommendations for Investments in Housing Resilience from an Analysis of Global Project Data

About the Study

The Cost of Improving Vulnerable Housing is a first-of-its-kind study that provides compelling evidence of the comparative advantages, cost savings, and wider benefits of improving vulnerable homes, rather than building new ones, for disaster resilience.

By leveraging Build Change’s unique vantage point following almost 20 years of making housing more resilient worldwide, the study was able to draw on close to 1,500 retrofit designs for housing from fourteen countries across Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Through comprehensive analysis of direct construction costs for different kinds of home improvement work, it provides detailed insight into the spending and outcomes of housing investments for a range of housing typologies around the world, both in prevention and post-disaster contexts.

Watch the Webinar

In this free 1-hour Webinar, housing experts from Build Change present some of the study’s key findings and discuss how they can be applied to home improvement projects across the globe, with case studies from Colombia, Nepal, and the Philippines.