Meet Our Team

Senior Management Team

Dr. Elizabeth Hausler

Elizabeth Hausler, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO

World-class social entrepreneur. Safe housing advocate. Bricklayer. Dr. Elizabeth Hausler is the Founder and CEO of Build Change and a global expert on resilient housing, post-disaster reconstruction, and systems change. Elizabeth’s strategic direction and leadership have grown Build Change from a few employees in 2004 to a global team spread across five continents. She has profoundly influenced global development policy by making resilience a major consideration for reconstruction efforts.

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Lizzie Blaisdell Collins, P.E., S.E., LEED AP
Chief of Engineering, Chief Admin Officer

Lizzie Blaisdell Collins is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the creation of building standards in the developing world where they never existed before. As an expert in earthquake-resistant engineering honed over 15 years of experience designing housing for high-seismic regions, Lizzie oversees the quality of Build Change’s technical and project solutions around the globe.

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Juan Caballero, Architect, PMP
Chief of Programs

Juan Caballero has pioneered the use of seismic retrofitting for existing housing in international development. He is a noted disaster-resilient housing advocate and a trusted advisor to governments, multilateral organizations, and other partners on how to improve housing quality throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Diane Datteri, CPA

Diane Datteri is an expert in nonprofit accounting with more than 25 years of experience supporting charitable organizations in Colorado and Wyoming.  At Build Change, Diane is responsible for the day-to-day management of Finance and HR.

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Louise Foulkes
Caribbean Director and Engineering Program Manager

Louise Foulkes is the Caribbean Program Manager and a structural engineer, primarily focused on Build Change’s reconstruction and resilience projects in the Caribbean. She joined Build Change in 2017 after working in the UK and East Africa.

Manuela Pinilla Rodriguez
Country Program Director, Colombia

Manuela Pinilla Rodriguez combines her training in urban development and international cooperation with her background in anthropology to take a human approach to solving social and economic challenges. Over the course of the last decade, she has worked on both the national and international levels to improve access to water for hygiene and sanitation, as well as in post-disaster response, land rights and housing access.

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M Triani “Ani” Novianingsih
Indonesia Country Program Manager

Anihas led and supported several large-scale post-disaster recovery programs in Indonesia and the Philippines. She has developed and overseen initiatives related to resilience and disaster prevention for school and housing in Indonesia. Ani is an advocate for disaster-resilient housing and has led the Build Change advisory group on retrofitting options with the World Bank, as well as evaluation of the national housing subsidy program, in partnership with the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing.

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Monica Schroeder
Director of Global Advocacy

Monica Schroeder works to elevate the issue of resilient housing and prevention of housing loss in global policy forums and conferences with a variety of stakeholders. Prior to joining Build Change, Monica managed the implementation of democracy and governance programs in over 15 countries.

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Noll Tufani
Senior Business Developer

Noll Tufani is a senior international development professional and housing resilience expert. Highlights of Noll’s 12 years of service to Build Change include providing homeowner-driven reconstruction and retrofitting technical assistance to 25,000 households in rural Nepal, and to 2,000 families in informal neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. As Senior Business Developer for International Programs, Noll leverages his intricate knowledge of Build Change’s international programs, his connections and his to secure sustained streams of institutional funding.

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Joel Herold
Director of Application Development

Joel Herold is the Director of Application Development, providing support to Build Change in technology leadership, management, and advocacy. With over a decade of experience in the technology sector, he most recently held the role of Director of Technology at a full-service marketing agency, leading multidisciplinary teams to develop technology solutions for clients.

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Girlie Lopez
Philippines Country Program Manager

Girlie Lopez’s passion is creating access for low-income families to financial services. Over the last 17 years, Girlie has become one of the Philippines’ foremost microfinance specialists. At Build Change, Girlie oversees the scaling of housing finance loans through the organization’s microfinance partners.

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Devin Connell
Director of Operations & Administration

With nearly a decade dedicated to international development, Devin Connell’s journey began in structural engineering before swiftly transitioning after impactful work on pedestrian cable bridge projects in Nicaragua..

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Lucia Valenzuela Solis
Mexico Country Program Manager

Lucía is an International Relations specialist by profession and a Housing Expert by passion. Her professional efforts have been directed towards tackling the technical, financial, normative, and governance-related challenges within the housing sector, particularly in the implementation of homeowner-driven approaches. Prior to joining Build Change, Lucía oversaw the execution of over a thousand customized housing projects through technical assistance in Mexico.

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Key Staff

Finance and Administration Staff

Bianca Rios
Global Admin Officer (HQ Global)

Dominique Dimanche Maxi
Admin & HR Coordinator Consultant (Haiti)

Kailash Khadka
Finance & Admin Manager – SE Asia Pacific (HQ Global)

Maria Fernanda

María Fernanda Holguín Alvarado
Finance & Admin Official (Latin America)

Winda Waspada Sari
Indonesia Finance & Admin Officer (Global – Indo)

Myriam Pachecho Ovalle
General Services Assistant

Krisa De Guzman
Philippines Finance & Admin Officer

Monica Chaves Mosser
Colombia Accounting and Administrative Assistant

Advocacy and Development Staff

Lily Khambata
Major Gifts Officer (HQ Global)

Ximena Perez Hoyos
Programs & Fund Development Officer

Ariana Karamallis
Global Advocacy & Development Associate – Global

Engineering Staff

Liva Shrestha
Lead SE Asia-Pacific (HQ Global)

Stefano Pompei

Stefano Pompei
Manager, Applied Technology and Impact (HQ Global)

Adriana Duque Pardo
Engineering Professional (Latin America)

Oluwaseun Okusanya
Engineering Program Associate (HQ Global)

Tim Hart
Senior Advisor, Engineering (Global)

Anna Pavan
Engineering Consultant (Global)

Roel Ombao
Project Manager – Technical Services (Philippines)

Camilo Rodriguez Munoz
Engineering Assistant (Colombia)

Charles Ciro Tabares
Engineering  Professional (Colombia)

Samantha Kay Lisay
Designer Architect (Philippines)

Sofia Andrade
Lead Engineer (Colombia)

Raquel Lagramada
Senior Builder Trainer (Philippines)

Obed Beauchamps
Construction Supervisor Consultant (Haiti)

Nicolas Daniel Andres Ortega
Civil Engineer – Structural

Gabriel Antoine
Constructions Supervisor Consultant (Haiti)

Pierre Paya
Project Manager – Haiti Response (Haiti)

Wismick Dorlus
REZO Trainer Consultant (Haiti)

Harry Sapta Ananda
Structural Engineer

Technology Staff

Nirmal Adhikari
Technology Program Manager (Global – Nepal)

Samriddhi Chitrakar
Application Developer (Global – Nepal)

Niush Sitaula
Full Stack Developer (Global – Nepal)

Puspa Subedi
Application Developer (Global – Nepal)

Atrianne Dolom
Experience Designer & Strategist

Communications Staff

Maria Camila Ordonez Valencia
Communications Officer (Latin America and Caribbean)

Marvin Riego
Program Officer (Philippines)

Lina María Mantilla Pachon
LAC Digital Communications Assistant