Meet Our Team

Senior Management Team

Dr. Elizabeth Hausler

Elizabeth Hausler, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO

Elizabeth is the founder and CEO of Build Change, and a pioneer in the movement to make housing safe in earthquakes and windstorms around the globe. Click to read more about Elizabeth!

Lizzie Blaisdell Collins, S.E.
Director of Engineering

Lizzie oversees the quality and consistency of Build Change’s technical and project solutions. She has worked extensively on earthquake-resistant design and evaluation projects in high seismic regions since 2005.

Juan Caballero, Architect, PMP
Director of Programs & Partnerships, Latin America

Juan oversees Build Change’s work in Colombia and Guatemala as well as throughout Latin America as a region. He is an architect originally from Honduras, and has been with Build Change since 2012, working in the Haiti office as a Project Manager before his current role.

Tim M. Hart, P.E., S.E., LEED AP
Engineering and Design Services Director; 2020 Simpson Strong-Tie Fellow for Excellence in Engineering

Tim has 30 years of experience in structural engineering and has worked as a consultant for Build Change since 2005 on projects in six different countries. He joined the Build Change staff in 2019 as the lead for Build Change’s engineering and design services programs. As the 2020 Simpson Strong-Tie Excellence in Engineering Fellow, Tim will ensure the highest technical standards of disaster-resilient engineering across Build Change’s projects worldwide, and will educate partners and collaborators on these standards.

Kate Landry
Former Philippines Country Director

Kate relocated from the Haiti office to the Philippines in 2014 to direct Build Change’s program based in Manila.

Diana Muñoz Neyra, Architect
Country Program Manager (Colombia)

Diana leads Build Change’s country program in Colombia, and is responsible for coordinating active projects in Bogotá and Medellin. She represents Build Change in-country to support the organization’s position as trusted adviser on resilience planning for housing and schools to the national government, local governments, and a diverse range of private partners.

Michelle Nicholson

Michelle Nicholson
Director of Marketing & Communications

Michelle joined the team in 2019 after more than a decade working in international development communications and as an entrepreneur.  From her base in Washington DC, she supports Build Change’s in-country and international marketing and communications needs.

Jessica Stanford

Jessica Stanford
Philippines Country Director 

Jessica relocated to the Philippines in 2019 to direct Build Change’s program based in Manila. In this capacity, she oversees all activities in the Philippines, forms and maintains partnerships and tracks impacts. Other highlights of Jessica’s time with Build Change include program management in Nepal for several years and leading Build Change’s expansion in the Caribbean.

Noll Tufani

Noll Tufani
Nepal Country Director, Director of New Frontier Technologies, Director of Post-Disaster Programs

Noll is based in Kathmandu and has been leading Build Change’s country program in Nepal since 2015.  Noll also heads Build Change’s post-disaster reconstruction operations worldwide and directs Build Change’s recently created New Frontier Technologies division.

Other highlights of Noll’s 9 years with Build Change include leading the Haiti program for several years and launching Build Change’s program expansion in Latin America.

Mid-Level and Local Managers

Kim Acupan

Kim Acupan
Project Manager (Philippines)

Kim is responsible for the development and end-to-end management of post-disaster “build back better” and pre-disaster resilient housing and school programs in the Philippines. She is a civil engineer with a postgraduate degree in business administration.

Nirmal Adhikari

Nirmal Adhikari
NFT Coding Hub Manager (Nepal)

Aliza Baidya Shrestha
Human Resources Manager (Nepal)

Aliza has worked in various NGOs in the past decade, and has a Bachelors and Masters in Business Studies.

Jonalyn Bantilan
Finance & Admin Manager (Philippines)

Jonalyn is a Certified Public Accountant and is studying for her Juris Doctor in Law. She has a 19 years’ solid experience in Finance and Accounting through a range of start-ups and well-established companies.

Anil Basnet

Anil Basnet
Project Manager (Nepal)

Walter Cano

Walter Cano
Project Engineer (Colombia)

Walter is a civil engineer from the Nueva Granada Military University, with eight years of structural design experience and post-graduate certification in project management. Walter provides management and technical support and coordinates the delivery of housing retrofits in Colombia.

Diane Datteri

Diane Datteri, CPA

Sujit Dhakal

Sujit Dhakal
Deputy Project Manager- VFAST (Nepal)

Sujit has a Bachelors in Civil Engineering and has previous experience with building and bridge construction alongside surveys and data collection.

Dominique Maxi

Jeanne-Dominique Dimanche-Maxi
Deputy Director, Haiti

Dominique has a bachelor’s in management with a specialization in Human Resources.  She has extensive study and experience in Haiti’s labor laws as well as developing and implementing HR policies and procedures.  She has been working with Build Change in Haiti for nearly nine years.  She is an active member of the Haitian Society of Management of Human Resources (SHAMARH).

Adriana Duque Pardo
Construction Technical Supervisor (Colombia)

Adriana works on technical resource development in Latin America, evaluates housing vulnerability, supports on structural retrofitting of housing, checks bills of quantity and construction inspection checklists, provides technical assistance to homeowners to design safe houses, supervises construction, and trains builders in disaster-resistant construction practices.

Robin P. Duval

Robin Pierre Duval
Training & Certification Program Coordinator (Haiti)

Robin has a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and more than 10 years of experience in technical training.  He manages project staff on technical issues, procedures, and other aspects of implementation.  He started at Build Change as a construction trainer in 2011 and in 2017 he became the Coordinator of the Certification and Training Program.

Cristina Galindo Gimeno
Seismic Retrofit & Quality Assurance Expert (Nepal)

Ayusha Joshi

Ayusha Joshi
Design Support Team Leader (New Construction-Nepal)

Kailash Khadka

Kailash Khadka
Finance & Administration Manager (Nepal)

Arun Kumar Sharma

Arun Kumar Sharma
Project Manager (Nepal)

Bivesh Lamsal

Bivesh Lamsal
IT Officer (Nepal)

Girlie Lopez
Project Manager, Housing Finance – Philippines

Girlie provides project management and oversight of projects aimed towards providing access to housing finance and related services in partnership with financial service providers in the Philippines. She is a finance specialist, with specialization in banking and microfinance, gained through more than 17 years of professional experience dealing with highly diversified credit markets.

Sandeep Man Shakya

Sandeep Man Shakya
Project Manager- Retrofitting (Nepal)

Alastair Norris

Alastair Norris
Program Manager- Reconstruction, Resilience & Disaster Risk Reduction (Nepal)

Alastair oversees Build Change’s current projects in Nepal, ensuring they meet the required deliverables while maintaining Build Change’s high standards in quality.  In addition, he is also responsible for ensuring the program meets Nepal’s need for preventative action to increase the country’s resilience.  He has an engineering degree and has worked extensively on risk modeling and financing.

Oluwaseun Okusanya
Engineering Program Associate

Roel Ombao
Project Engineer (Philippines)

Roel is responsible for managing the Philippines technical team in developing resources aimed at specific audiences and partners to support disaster resilient housing. He is a civil engineer with 10 years of experience in structural engineering and project implementation in telecom and industrial projects.

Nicolas Ortiz Abello
New Frontier Technologies Engineer

Nicolas leads the development of new technologies applied to post-disaster and prevention programs. His work focuses on scaling Build Change’s processes using 3D-based modeling and automation tools. He coordinates the implementation of new technologies in the Philippines, Nepal, and Colombia.

Anna Pavan
Lead Structural Engineer, Latin America and Caribbean

Anna is a structural engineer with nearly ten years’ experience in various countries. She is responsible for the implementation of our programs in Latin America and the Caribbean, assuring quality control of design information and construction processes, the development and maintenance of relationships with local stakeholders, and the implementation of local educational programs.

Stefano Pompei

Stefano Pompei
Project Manager-Engineer (Colombia)

Stefano graduated in 2011 and worked, as a structural engineer, in Italy, Peru, and Ecuador.  Stefano joined Build Change in 2016 and since then he has been involved in different Build Change programs, such as Nepal, Haiti, and Federated States of Micronesia.  He is responsible for implementing project work plans and trainings in Latin America.

Laura Masmia (Mia) Putri
Design Engineer (Indonesia)

Mia joined Build Change as a Design Engineer in 2016 and is responsible for structural design, structural & architectural drawings, bills of quantity, development of construction supervision tools/checklists & training materials, and the construction supervision of new & retrofitted residential and school buildings. She is also responsible for developing the technical resources of Build Change Indonesia.

Dev Raj Paudel

Dev Raj Paudel
Resource Development Team Leader (Nepal)

Bianca Rios
Operations Administrator

Kiran Shrestha

Kiran Shrestha
Competency-Based Training Team Leader (Retrofit, Nepal)

Liva Shrestha

Liva Shrestha
Lead Structural Engineer (Nepal)

Liva is responsible for controlling the quality of design information and implementation for projects in Nepal.

Dieuvena Thelusma
Senior Accountant (Haiti)

Dieuveuna is a certified accountant and an active member of the National Federation of Accountants (OCPAH).  She has a Bachelor in Management Studies, and strong skills in English and French.  She has 12 years of experience in accounting and finance.  She has been working at Build Change since 2011.

Winda Waspada Sari

Winda Waspada Sari
Human Resources & Admin Officer (Indonesia)

Winda graduated from English Literature (S1) of Humanities at Bung Hatta University in Padang.