Workforce Development

Taking Housing to the Next Level through Capacity Building

Workforce development is key to the supply of disaster- and climate-resilient housing. We prioritize training local builders, engineers, architects, and materials suppliers to deliver more resilient construction according to the requirements of each program. We provide opportunities for construction worker capacity building so that a larger portion of the workforce can meet the required qualifications. By collaborating with both public and private entities, including educational institutions and vocational programs, we facilitate access to training, licensing, and certification opportunities, thereby fostering and advocating for continuous learning within the industry.

Materials producers

The traditional methods of making building materials, including concrete blocks and clay bricks, can result in the production of poor-quality building materials. Poor building materials contribute to building collapses during earthquakes due to weak, brittle, or unsuitable materials used in the building. Production methods, like baking bricks in kilns fueled with wood, can result in damage to the local environment, which creates and increases other disaster risks, including deforestation, flooding, and landslides. Build Change trains building material manufacturers to:

  • Improve the quality of building materials
  • Improve business skills and livelihoods
  • Reduce overall environmental impacts

Support resilient housing worldwide

Join us in preventing housing loss caused by disasters and climate-induced events.

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