Mr. Jean Jeantis has run his block making enterprise for 25 years and is the only block maker in his neighborhood, Christ-Roi, one of the areas severely damaged by the January 2010 earthquake.

Mr. Jeantis produces blocks with simple manual molds. When he heard about Build Change training, he signed up quickly. He and his 5 employees successfully completed a production of blocks during a training in April of 2013. The blocks they produced were tested and had compressive strength of up to 10.43 MPa! His post-training blocks were over four times as strong as the blocks he had produced before training. His blocks are now strong enough to meet Haitian Ministry of Public Works guidelines.

High-quality blocks can be produced with manual molds, by dedicated block makers. Mr. Jeantis will continue following Build Change recommendations in order to offer good-quality products to his clients.