Tim M. Hart has 30 years of structural engineering and building construction experience across nine countries. Tim believes in the power of resilient housing to change lives, and has worked with Build Change since the organization’s early days. In addition to his role as Engineering and Design Services Director, Tim is the 2020 Simpson Strong-Tie Excellence in Engineering Fellow.  In this role, Tim ensures the highest technical standards of disaster-resilient engineering across Build Change’s projects worldwide, and educates Build Change’s partners and collaborators on these standards. He is a licensed civil and structural engineer in California and Oregon and is a graduate with honors from the Architectural Engineering program at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Prior to joining Build Change’s senior management team, Tim worked with Build Change as a structural engineering consultant since 2005 providing engineering designs, peer reviews, and technical assistance on Build Change projects around the world, including on-site work in Indonesia, Haiti, and Nepal. He also volunteers time and expertise on developing design and construction manuals and co-writing papers on confined masonry construction for EERI’s Confined Masonry Network.