Saundra Smith was born and raised in New York City but has been influenced by spaces all over globally. A world seen through her eyes as a child offered a treasure trove of inspiration that led to her love affair with all things beautiful, textured, translucent, colorful, and unexpected. Saundra’s early elementary school years were spent with art markers and sketch pads in hand; that was her idea of having fun! As did those around her, she knew that art would become a driving force in her life. She has had a successful career in Fashion that led her to travel the world, and as a result, she has had the opportunity to work with diverse populations globally. Saundra has also understood that everyone has a unique voice. She has pursued her passion for helping others in need and lending her voice to social causes that address poverty, human rights, and climate change activism.

Today, Saundra is Vice President of Talent at Build Change. She serves as a leader in Diversity, Equity, and Talent Management. Her focus is to empower fellow team members at Build Change so that each member can perform at their best. Saundra believes, “We are stronger when we work together.”