Aqualine Suliali was the Founder and Managing Director of GAP Solutions, a Johannesburg-based, pan-African consulting firm. She worked across multiple sectors, including with those deeply engaged in affordable housing.

Aqualine’s background includes being an Associate Consultant for the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa’s (CAHF) Citymark division. She has also worked as a Development Consultant for various housing developers operating in South Africa, Rwanda, DRC, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe.

Previously, Aqualine was a Director at Community Investment Strategies (CIS) where she created and developed the management structure for the highly profitable property management division. She also worked successfully as a Project Manager under the Vice President of Development and the Project Director at CIS in managing over $120 million of affordable housing development.

Aqualine is the Chairwoman of Frida Hartley Shelter, a women’s homeless shelter in Johannesburg, and a NED of Motse Housing Investments, a social housing enterprise in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a member of
Women in Housing and Finance (WHF), NYC.