Dr. Elizabeth Hausler

Founder and CEO

World-Class Social Innovator. Safe Housing Advocate. Bricklayer.

Dr. Elizabeth Hausler envisions a world where every home is disaster-resilient. As founder and CEO of non-profit social innovator Build Change, she and her team and partners are making that vision a reality: improving the lives of more than 1.2 million people by building and retrofitting over 230,000 buildings in the world’s most disaster-prone countries. So far.

Elizabeth’s inspirational message – that one woman can change the world, with a lot of help from her friends – has been featured on the BBC, NPR, The New York Times, and the TED stage, among others. She has keynoted business conferences, delivered university commencements, and addressed global convenings including COP26.  

A Simple but Powerful Theory of Change

By empowering vulnerable people – especially women – to build homes they want to live in, Elizabeth believes we will also make them safer. To achieve this, over the last two decades, she has led Build Change to work with global NGOs and governments to shape policy, with leading technology companies to scale engineering solutions through AI and other innovations, and with microfinance institutions and banks to expand access to financing for both homeowners and entrepreneurs.

This work is evidence of the simple but powerful theory of change Elizabeth has laid out: resilient housing requires people, money, and technology. Her transformation of these from barriers to systems change into enablers of it began when she was a Fulbright Fellow in India.  There she studied and assisted with housing reconstruction following the 2001 Kachchh, Gujarat earthquake. 

A Presence on Stage and in the News

Freethink Interview

COP26 Partnership Panel

Autodesk University Opening Keynote

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