Build Change is looking for talented, passionate, entrepreneurial women to join its board

About Build Change

Build Change is a non-profit social enterprise that saves lives and increases community resilience by catalyzing sustainable changes in construction practice in developing countries so that homes and schools will not collapse in earthquakes and hurricanes.

Build Change has received numerous awards and recognitions for its innovative and impactful programs. Build Change is currently operating in 6 countries in Asia and Latin America — Indonesia, the Philippines, Nepal, Haiti, Colombia and Guatemala – and nearly 250,000 people are living and learning in safer houses and schools due to Build Change’s work.

Build Change has a budget for 2015 of approximately $6 million and has been growing at 30+% annually. On its 10th anniversary last year, Build Change committed to an ambitious goal of scaling up its impacts to make 10 million people safer over the next 10 years.

The Build Change Board

The Build Change board plays a crucial role in the organization’s success, helping shape its strategy, ensuring it has the necessary leadership capacity in place, and supporting it in raising funds to execute on its ambitious vision.

Current Build Change board members are:
Elizabeth Hausler Strand, Founder & CEO, Build Change
Sig Anderson, Managing Partner, City Center Realty Partners
Martin Fisher, CEO KickStart International
David Friedman, Chairman and Emeritus CEO, Forell Elsesser
Josh Litwin, CEO, Memento Press
Paul VanderMarck, Chief Strategy Officer, RMS

To support its planned growth, Build Change is recruiting new board members, with a goal of increasing membership from 6 to 9 over the next 18 months.

The Build Change board is particularly interested in adding women board members both to increase the diversity of the board and to better reflect the organization and its constituents. Build Change’s founder and CEO, 50% of the management team, and many of the engineers and builders trained by Build Change around the world are women.

Board Member Qualifications

Women with the following profile will be an excellent fit for the Build Change board:
• Passionate: about the power of social enterprises to create sustainable change and about Build Change’s mission to reduce the impacts of natural disasters in developing countries, improve economic development, and create jobs
• Entrepreneurial: interested in leveraging private sector or non-profit experience in successfully building enterprises and leading teams to help the Build Change management team execute their growth strategy
• International: experienced at operating internationally and able to advise the organization as it expands and encounters new challenges in diverse regions
• Reputable: recognized and respected in their professional field
• Resourceful: able to effectively promote Build Change’s mission, to expand the organization’s network and visibility, and to raise funds to support its global programs

Board Member Commitments

Build Change board members serve 3 year terms and make the following commitments:
• To attend three board meetings each year, one of which is held in the San Francisco Bay Area and another in a country where Build Change operates
• To dedicate time outside of board meetings to engage on ad-hoc issues, to mentor Build Change leaders, and to support fund development activities
• To leverage their personal and professional networks to raise funding for Build Change programs and to develop strategic partnerships

Contact Information

If you are interested in learning more about joining the Build Change board or would like to recommend someone who would be a good candidate, please contact either:
• Elizabeth Hausler Strand, Build Change CEO at
• Paul VanderMarck, Build Change Chairman at

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