Build Change is working with residents of Pembo in Metro Manila, Philippines to harness ambition to create safe, secure, and prosperous communities for the future.

Simpson Strong-Tie Fellowship for Engineering Excellence

June 27th, 2018

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the second annual Simpson Strong-Tie Fellowship for Engineering Excellence! For interested candidates, please submit your application today!

Virtual Reality Experience of Eklephant, Nepal

October 2017

Eklephant village was heavily damaged during the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal. Check out our new, one-of-a-kind virtual reality experience to take a tour of damaged houses, retrofitted houses, and the entire area to see how we are making families safer!

Dr. James Mwangi selected as first ever Simpson Strong-Tie Engineering Excellence Fellow

July 1, 2017

Dr. James Mwangi, Ph.D., P.E., S.E. is a professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the Architectural Engineering department, and will be focusing on developing and implementing disaster-resistant designs for retrofit and new construction projects with Build Change programs from July 2017 – June 2018. He brings 25 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge that will contribute to making safer construction more accessible for thousands of families and school leaders over the next year.

Innovative Use of Technology in Post-Disaster Reconstruction

June 5, 2017

Clinton Global Initiative and Build Change hosted an event in New York City detailing our advancements in post-disaster reconstruction using mobile apps and drone technology.

Curry Stone Design Prize

April 4, 2017

Build Change was named to the Curry Stone Design Prize Social Design Circle for design that helps prevent disaster. Read more and see all the Social Design Circle winners here.

2016 Annual Report

March 24, 2017

Our 2016 Annual Report is now available online. This year we are proud to feature our partners from around the world, without whom none of our programs would be possible.

2017 Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship

March 27, 2017

We are so honored to have been selected by the Skoll Foundation as a winner of the 2017 Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship. The Skoll Foundation presents the Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship each year to a select group of social entrepreneurs whose innovations have already had significant, proven impact on some of the world’s most pressing problems, and invests directly in the promise of even greater impact at scale. Read more…

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Let’s work together to enable 10 million people to live and learn in safe buildings in the next 10 years.

Build Change.

Build Change saves lives in earthquakes and windstorms by working with people in emerging nations to build homes and schools that will protect their families and children.

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