Dominica – 2017

Roughly 45% of houses were complete destroyed or substantially damaged. A common vulnerability was insufficient connections, particularly between timber elements (such as roofs or walls) and concrete elements (like masonry walls and foundations). Many of the homes can be repaired and retrofit to better withstand future events.

Puebla-Morelos, Mexico – 2017

September 19, 7.1-magnitude Earthquake
In the Jojutla, Morelos area, the trend was less clear in relation to the age and type of construction systems that collapsed, where many confined masonry houses also collapsed. This is probably attributable to configuration and construction quality deficiencies as well.

Oxaca, Mexico – 2017

September 7, 8.2-magnitude Earthquake
In Oaxaca and Chiapas there is a clear predominance of collapse in older structures, mainly built using unreinforced construction systems, such as brick masonry, or earth construction; modern confined masonry structures also collapsed, although in a lower proportion, likely due to configuration and construction quality deficiencies.