My name is Yenyfer Valero, and I am an engineer with Build Change in Bogota, Colombia.

I think my profession is phenomenal. Not only was it a personal challenge to study engineering, but it is an amazing way to help humanity. With the knowledge and tools we have as engineers, we have the power to serve society and contribute to a better world.

The thing that fills me with the most happiness in being an engineer is the ability to help fulfil the dreams of thousands of people. Seeing the smiles on the faces of those who benefit from and appreciate your work is wonderful.

If you are interested in studying engineering, I will tell you to lead your path with passion. It is not easy, especially with the course load, but with a love for engineering you will contribute to a better society and better world for our children. While studying, I was afraid to get out into the real world. I wanted to be successful and continue learning, not just have a degree and a job and work. Now four years after graduating, I am so happy I chose to be an engineer- I am fulfilled, do what I love, and I am happy.