My name is Anggi, and I work with Build Change in Indonesia.

I am a Structural Engineer because structural engineering is the foundation for construction. It provides a basis through which to plan and design structures for the needs of the people who will use them. Knowledge of structural components is necessary for improving the quality of construction not only in buildings, but also for transportation, water, and geotechnical infrastructure.

Initially I was going to school for pharmacy, however when I left that major my parents recommended I try a course in civil engineering. At first I knew nothing about it, however after my first course my interest continued to grow and the courses continued to challenge me. After graduating with my Bachelors in 2011, I started my Masters in mechanical engineering to challenge myself, my imagination, and my knowledge. I am still studying and learning every day.

Structural engineering first appealed to me because is is an exact sceince: there are concrete numbers that lead to tangible outcomes- and these numbers make much more sense to me than those in economics! With a basis in civil engineering, I knew I could go on to other engineering fields and have a strong basis for future studies. I believe that in order to understand any form of civil engineering, you must first understand the basics of structures, how they work, and how to build them.

My favorite part of my job with Build Change is designing and supervising projects. The most intersting part of working here is supporting those whom make or work with bricks every day, but do not have a technical understanding of what makes a good quality brick.

It is important to understand what structures are used for, how they interact with people’s lives, and how people will rely on them when they are completed. This is foundational in being a good engineer, as in order to design a functional and safe building we must take into consideration those who will utilize these buildings for their homes, workplaces, schools, and communities. Building a strong and safe building is not only important to me, but to the people who use the buildings every day.